yoooo update 4.2.0- finally in a semi-functioning state

Wassup homeslice

welcome to my stupid-ass website

im planning on using this trash dump to post about some projects im working on, bullshit i have nowhere else to put, and because i dont see a point in not fuckin around on a free website.

at the moment the biggest project im working on kinda needs to remain a secret, sooo enjoy some cryptic teasers for now. :p

feel free to put something in the weird-ass Q&A section, and/or spam it with nonsense so i can test how much you can delete at once on a google form.

that's pretty much it, have fun looking around this sucky webpage lmao



Gnomeduck font: FontStuck Extended

Alternian font: Alternialiased

Undertale font: Determination Sans Web Regular

Scripts n' such

Parallax effect: Codepen parallax effect

So, so much code: W3schools

Even more much code: Mozilla

??/??/????: V4.2.0 Update

Updated tarot page: The moon awaits.

Updated some dropdowns: Added changelogs (this) and credits; better dropdown for Q&A page

Updated projects page: Added some sweet tunes (still a WIP- programming is hard)

Updated Q&A: Visit from "I like men" highlighted

Updated: ??? totally real 100% no fake because i definitely havent already overused "???" no siree

9/13/2023: V6.9 Update

Updated projects page: Added teaser for tarot based project

Updated trickster page: Sidebar changed, subpages added

Updated Q&A: FREE SPEECH UPDATE!!1!!!1!1!11!

Updated main page: Actual page description added, finally

Updated purple themed pages: Parallax added, still not learning JavaScript